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        Blueside Emotional Design

        The Blueside Project originated with Roberto Falocci's passion and initiative.
        Steroglass can boast unique unparalleled skilled hands able to finely process and shape glass and whose great craftmanship guarantees excellence, thus deserving a key role beyond conventional technical sectors.
        All this combined with love for design, music and cuisine, in 2009 resulted in a diversified production and commercial project dedicated to design complements to dining, living and jewel world, which take inspiration
        from blues and jazz as well as conveying the emotions that inspire a musician on stage and the audience in an atmospheric performance.
        Blueside is all this: music shaped into objects you can touch and use, pure emotions close by. All of the objects in the collection are handcrafted one at a time. Each piece created by the expert hands of our glassblowers becomes unique,
        resembling others but definitely different from all of them, and this allows us to create shapes that are often impossible to make using molds
        or machinery, thus consecrating their high addes value.

        Daniele Buschi

        Daniele Buschi, mix designer. Born in 1963, he graduated Master of Arts at the State Institute of Art in Deruta. His is a multifaceted identity, with a marked aesthetic sensibility, combined with a sense of prefiguration and a versatile pictorial-plastic skill. It follows the ability to range in the different and complementary sectors of the applied arts, to give life to new forms, images and contexts. He successfully deals with contemporary art and design tout court, from interior design to industrial design, from graphics to the study of shapes and decorations for ceramics and porcelain.