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H2O Bilbao is the ceramic jug produced by Bosa with which Patricia Urquiola has reinterpreted the Kaiku that will be used in the restaurants of Bilbao to serve the water of the city aqueduct.The Kaiku is an iconic artifact of Basque culture, a multipurpose wooden tool that was used to milk and then tilted, but also to heat liquids with a red-hot stone.
H2O Bilbao was made of ceramic from Bosa, in the city of Bilbao will be used in restaurants to serve guests the water of the city aqueduct at the symbolic price of € 1.

The restaurants in Bilbao will also have the opportunity to sell the white jug, an exclusive version for the city.All proceeds will be donated to Oxfam Intermon to finance the construction of artesian wells in Ethiopia.
H2O Bilbao will also be available in the rest of the world for the finish with enamelled glossy white for the interior and, for the exterior, with a matt copper brush.

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain, but has lived and worked in Milan for more than twenty years. He studied Architecture at the Polytechnic of Madrid and at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he graduated in 1989, with Achille Castiglioni. During the first years of her career, she was assistant lecturer for Achille Castiglioni, she collaborated with Vico Magistretti and was responsible for Design for Lissoni Associati. In 2001, he opened his own studio working in the fields of product design, interiors and architecture.

In 2016 he reinterpreted for Bosa the Kaiku called H2O Bilbao in relation to the Bailbao aqueduct project: "You can give importance to the contents even with the container, especially if the content is transparent, almost virtual, almost intangible as water. part of us, it is within us, we need it, with this small gesture of reinterpreting an iconic artifact of Basque culture, the Kaiku, a multifunctional wooden instrument that was used to milk and then tilted, but also to heat liquids with a hot stone.
I did it in ceramic and in the case of Bilbao it will be used in the restaurants of the city to drink the water of the city aqueduct, among the best in Spain. H2O Bilbao will be sold at the same price as bottled water and will be able to sell the launcher itself. With these revenues a project will be financed in Ethiopia to build artesian wells. To try and give a little more content with an idea of ​​the container. "
(Patricia Urquiola)

H2O Bilbao, Patricia Urquiola

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