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        Welcome aboard the Regio. Set sail on this unforgettable voyage, kissed by the sea breeze. Then suddenly the clash between tropical heat and polar coolness. The sea becomes stormy. The boat remains at the mercy of gigantic waves. Regio is this one. It's the clash between the warm eastern zephyr ylang ylang zephyr crashing against a cool, bubbling bergamot and lemon blossom current. All enclosed in a cocoon of aromatic herbs and geranium. The fragrance veils on spicy, acute, citrusy notes. And takes off with lavender and geranium towards the shores of promises of oriental flavor. Regio is the sparkle of the sun's reflections on the surface of an ocean that has imprisoned the winds as flat and calm to the horizon. On their return from the Procellian seas, the exhausted ships finally find peace to be their anchor.

        This fragrance was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70



        Casamorati is a collection of vintage perfumes by Xerjoff Group S.p.A., inspired by the ancient art of Italian perfumery.
        The brand recreates the history of the glorious perfume house founded by Claudio Casamorati in Italy in the nineteenth century, with the aim of safeguarding the historical and artistic heritage of the fascinating Art Nouveau era.
        In 1888 Claudio Casamorati founded the C. Casamorati Perfumery in Bologna, a perfume house that enjoyed great success all over the world for its magnificent fragrances and bath soaps.
        In those years of production, Casamorati received numerous prizes and valuable acknowledgments from important national and international fairs. Queen Margherita of Savoy loved Casamorati essences so much that she gave her founder her gold brooch as a token of gratitude.