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        I  with all my art
        After a ten-year dive on foot or by motorbike on the roads of all continents, Rice moved to the French Riviera in 2000. In profound contradiction with his business, he will draw the foundations of his work problem from his experience and begin his approach. He will use all possible forms of expression to the point of collecting thousands of capsules to talk about consumerism, through the object rejected by the consumer society. What certainly marks the starting point of his plastic work here. Faced with a global aesthetic world, he naturally turned to plastic, in 2012 he opened a parenthesis with a black novel “Descente au Paradis” published by “La Manufacture du Livre”, before returning to his favorite expression. Plastic artist, he was not premeditated, it was just another type of adventure that had been proposed to him. Through his work, Rice gives a look full of cynicism and compassion to a world that is overwhelmed by the triumph of beauty in which even morality becomes a cosmetic of behavior. Man poses questions and challenges, restores the resulting image of the specific behavior of our society.


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