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        "This work is an ode to virtuosity, courage and power".
        To create it, Monegal traveled back in time, to the origins of perfume, to the moment when it was created by smoke, (from the Latin “per fumum”). It is the powerful magic created by burning agar, cedar and fir wood, an accord enriched with rose petals and flavored with white jasmine flowers, like in a classic
        hookah, with the combined hints of cassis, strawberry and apricot. At the heart of the perfume is a trace of Spanish leather, tanned with cloves, cinnamon and mugwort in order to leave the skin with the pleasant experience of the majesty of amber, the solidity of oak moss and the sensuality of musk.


        Spanish Collection

        “My origins, what sets me apart, my great property, the magic of the south. I am rooted in my southern soul from which the passion for flamenco, mythical skill, festive joy and Mediterranean naivety flourish. Fascinated by the south, by the magic of the sun, by the vitality of the sea and by the depth of the arts, he interprets its essence ".