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Ciclotte Bike is in the classic version in steel and Carbon Fiber in anthracite gray, with the kit of accessories for smartphones and tablets sold separately, which is able to integrate Ciclotte with any mobile device in order to simulate a ride on the road or on a path/path, or simply to watch a movie and listen to music, Ciclotte Dumbbells and Ciclotte Wall-Bar / Mirror.

Ciclotte Dumbbells are a real exercise tool (overall it has a mass of 15 kg) and a unique and exclusive decorative object (basically they are sculptures while they are mounted and positioned on the dedicated rack): characterized by an innovative conical hooking system able to quickly and easily vary the weight used from 1.5 kg to 7 kg, ensures better weight distribution around the hands during exercise,

Last but not least, Ciclotte Wall-Bar / mirror: this gym scale, thanks to its innovative shape whose structure is ergonomically distributed around the body as in Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, allows the user to perform high-performance body workouts, but at the same time it is a unique mirror when the training belts are folded.

Ciclotte is a line, completely developed with innovative solutions and made with high-tech materials such as carbon, glass fibers and steel, whose inspiring project (Ciclò) is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Design Italy in Milan (“La Triennale ", together with Ferrari and the Riva yacht, just to give some examples).

The Ciclotte world was born from the need to bring a design that is an authentic expression of contemporary life where daily work and relaxation, exercise and leisure live in the same dimension, in fluid spaces where all objects can communicate.

Ciclotte line is a pure expression of contemporary life, where work and relaxation, fitness and fun share the same dimension. Designed by the young Milanese designer Luca Schieppati, Ciclotte Bike breaks the design schemes for exercise equipment, which have always been linked exclusively to the functional aspect, to target a target of advanced, dynamic users, lovers of physical fitness and aesthetics.

Thanks to its line, the result of formal research inspired by ergonomics and simplicity, Ciclotte Bike is a fitness tool and furnishing accessory that can be integrated in the most varied contexts of the living room: the home, the office, the gym, outside.

The big wheel of Ciclotte Bike is the fulcrum of the project. A large circle reminiscent of the retro unicycles of the late 1800s, transformed into an object of refined engineering, destined to become a must in interior design and in the world of luxury fitness.

From a technical point of view, Ciclotte Bike is designed to faithfully reproduce the dynamics and performance of pedaling on the road and is also ideal for high intensity aerobic workouts such as spinning.