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        Presenting a unique story, so unrepeatable that it must be told with urgency, this is the goal of Equilibre. A design that can assume the leading role in the most diverse and unusual projects; able to change, adapt, and dictate the rhythm of spaces and light, in a loud clear voice and with no fear. This collection owes its name to the subtle formal balance between its tapered stem and large circular diffuser. In the floor version, its 2 metres height, enhances its intriguing sculptural appearance. After standing out for years, it is now in LED version and customisable to meet every project requirements. Equilibre is a collection of lamps designed by the designer Luc Ramael and produced by the famous Italian brand Prandina. There are several lighting stories behind a Prandina product, but there is only one message: they are stories that accompany us forever, because Prandina produces decorative lamps that will never tire you. Give a unique story, so unrepeatable that it needs to be told urgently. This is the declared goal of Equilibre, a design capable of being a leading actor in the most diverse and particular projects, able to change, adapt, dictate the rhythms of spaces and light, aloud and without fear. This collection owes its name to the subtle formal balance between the tapered stem and the large circular diffuser. In the floor version, the considerable height of 2 meters enhances its intriguing sculptural presence. Recognizable for years, now also in the LED version, which has always been customizable as each project requires.

        ECO F3 - HALO F3 Structure and diffuser: matt painted polypropylene and aluminium. Ballast: electronic, dimmable on request (ECO F3). Dimmer on power cord (HALO F3).

        F33 INDOOR - OUTDOOR Structure and diffuser: white roto-moulded polyethylene. Ballast electronic. F33 OUTDOOR with stability and ground fixing base in painted metal on request. IP55 protection. F33 INDOOR with switch on power cord. F33 DOWNLIGHT INDOOR - OUTDOOR Structure: roto-moulded painted polyethylene. Diffuser: polyethylene material, downward lighting. Ballast: electronic, dimmable on request.


        Prandina is an Italian Lighting Design Brand, who’s main aim is to follow a very simple creative philosophy:  the one of simplicity and formal austerity, functionality and long-lasting quality. Prandina wants to reflect these strong values by transmitting a defined identity, one that you can immediately reckon, which goes beyond fashion, trends of the moment and stylistics conventions.
        During its 30 years of activity Prandina has constantly explored mouth-blown glass potentialities and possibilities, always looking for new shapes’ ideas to give a contemporary taste to a material that is traditionally considered as the most eligible one to transmit light at its best. Thanks to this constant mediation between innovation and tradition, today Prandina’ collection interprets perfectly residential and contract solutions with its catalogue and custom-made production.

        The company was founded in 1982 by Sergio Prandina, an entrepreneur capable of making his innate artistic creativity available in lighting design through the design of forms and solutions often based on the use of blown glass.

        The design that from the beginning has made the company easily recognizable has met new technologies, giving space to interpretations of light that are always different and innovative.


        Quality, intended as a product that courageously embraces innovative manufacture processes and has always been granting the finest aesthetical level together with production and execution of the highest possible quality.

        Quality, intended as service and where customers’ demands give continuous inputs to the company’s strategic choices. Such situations generate a passage, where the simple sale of a product becomes a sale of values of a company that bases its main core on services and people.

        Quality, intended as projects, where experience and know-how are improved and developed out of their productive comfort zone, looking for solutions that are always up to date and taking advantage of the flexibility of production to meet the specific needs of specialists.