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        Pure joy! Like the southern light, awake and free, with the vital euphoria of sparkling lemon from which a golden trail of ylang and saffron emerges among white jasmine. A burst of well-being releases her happiness wrapped in honey and vanilla with hints of cinnamon and a radiant pleasure of anise and nutmeg. It is like the excitement of love that culminates in an unexpected fusion of amber and gentle heliotrope resulting in a seductive oasis of caramel and tonka. It is a radiant emotion, a flowery magic. Excitement and euphoria. It is a memorable moment. It is pure happiness. Like the light of life. Like the excitement of love.

        Spanish Collection

        “My origins, what sets me apart, my great property, the magic of the south. I am rooted in my southern soul from which the passion for flamenco, mythical skill, festive joy and Mediterranean naivety flourish. Fascinated by the south, by the magic of the sun, by the vitality of the sea and by the depth of the arts, he interprets its essence ".