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        "I immersed myself in an art known for its great emotional intensity and which derives from something rooted in my cultural origins, flamenco".
        An art characterized by wild gestures, intense steps, deep moans and the progress of the guitar. Flamenco is Ramon Monegal's olfactory manifesto of the Andalusian character imprinted with fire in the soul of Spain. An emotion intoxicating expressed in a song, in the sound of the guitar and in the dance that, under the spell of the Alhambra, transcends in a perfume: salty tears, like southern dew, a flutter of orange, rose and jasmine flower petals, interwoven with sandalwood and cedar with a base of velvety nectar of saffron stigmas, amber and musk. Flamenco is an intense and passionate art ... it is a unique state of mind ... it is a forbidden hypnotic fruit!

        Spanish Collection

        “My origins, what sets me apart, my great property, the magic of the south. I am rooted in my southern soul from which the passion for flamenco, mythical skill, festive joy and Mediterranean naivety flourish. Fascinated by the south, by the magic of the sun, by the vitality of the sea and by the depth of the arts, he interprets its essence ".