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        COFFEE BREAK is the latest collection of Xerjoff perfumes inspired by the intriguing and centuries-old history of international coffee trade.

        Golden Dallah is the first fragrance of this new collection: a varied mix of fresh exotic spices, coffee absolute, rose absolute, Incense, Cambodian Oud, Amber accord, Hazelnut Essence, cocoa and tonka.



        The Coffee Break collection is inspired by the ancient and intriguing history of the international coffee trade. Each perfume is then personalized through olfactory notes and paths inspired by the different places where the history of coffee has left its traces. The peculiarity of the collection is that each perfume has the same "heart", while the top and base notes change, as well as the coffee bean that is sipped as a pleasant drink in different ways and in various parts of the world.

        This fragrance was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70