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Gong, Table Lamp By Prandina is a lamp for diffused lighting designed by Sergio Prandina in 2012. 

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"Among the pages of this story you can find the charm of traditional Chinese lanterns. The gong is inspired by their shape, which contains, protects and projects light. The diffuser is a blown crystal cocoon, engraved externally and decorated both inside and outside, while the lower part is left to reveal all the purity of the glass. After completing advanced research on painting, mirroring and metallization, the lamp lights up to demonstrate the refinement, reflections and evanescence of precious metals and materials."  


Prandina is an Italian Lighting Design Brand, who’s main aim is to follow a very simple creative philosophy:  the one of simplicity and formal austerity, functionality and long-lasting quality. Prandina wants to reflect these strong values by transmitting a defined identity, one that you can immediately reckon, which goes beyond fashion, trends of the moment and stylistics conventions.
During its 30 years of activity Prandina has constantly explored mouth-blown glass potentialities and possibilities, always looking for new shapes’ ideas to give a contemporary taste to a material that is traditionally considered as the most eligible one to transmit light at its best. Thanks to this constant mediation between innovation and tradition, today Prandina’ collection interprets perfectly residential and contract solutions with its catalogue and custom-made production.

The company was founded in 1982 by Sergio Prandina, an entrepreneur capable of making his innate artistic creativity available in lighting design through the design of forms and solutions often based on the use of blown glass.

The design that from the beginning has made the company easily recognizable has met new technologies, giving space to interpretations of light that are always different and innovative.

Gong Table Lamp

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