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        The Mediterranean scrub becomes a palette of shaded green in a thousand declinations that the sun amplifies in an abstract suggestion of great impact. Approaching the coast, the natural landscape appears gradually more defined and reveals the presence of local communities, villages of daring fishermen who change their daily life with a multitude of fragrant notes: from coffee when waking up, to soap from women's laundry, to the wave of marine scents that only they can recognize with extraordinary olfactory readiness. In the most remote and remote corners, where it is difficult to orient oneself, protected by an impervious vegetation that smells of wild flowers at sunset, the wonders of abbeys hidden in their splendor made of contemplation are revealed.

        This fragrance was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70

         JOIN CLUB-JTC

        A different way of conceiving perfumes. JTC, acronym for Join Club, offers a wonderful journey into the most exclusive universes and fashion.
        This special invitation goes to all those who consider beauty, uniqueness and self-care to be fundamental elements of everyday life. The result is a selection of scents that make our lives unique and a fascinating experience. Each fragrance tells of a unique club, a place with a well-defined atmosphere, condensed into moments of pure pleasure, because the present is very intense. A club where you can share unique moments, out of the ordinary, thanks to unconventional scents, authentic olfactory codes that are recognized as members of that club.