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        Since 2019, "KAWS:HOLIDAY" has reached Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Virginia Beach, Mount Fuji, Bristol and Singapore. For the 8th destination in the ongoing series, the larger-than-life COMPANION found itself on the grounds of Tianchi, a crater lake on the border between China and North Korea, laying atop Changbai Mountain.

        This leg of the series has been in the works for two years with the help of The North Face, which would suggest this is how KAWS x The North Face came to fruition. At an altitude of 2,750 meters between January 6 - 16 of 2022, the enormous COMPANION sculptures nestled atop the region’s mountainous snowcaps, providing a cinematic art view.

        An exclusive capsule collection of limited edition items include this 8.5-inch figure in black colour. NFC unique certification is attached, along with the original packaging.

        This sculpture was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and The Dose Art