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        Mamluk is an immense journey into the depth of the resinous notes of the earth that create a meditative and spiritual perfume. Honey and notes of resin-coated caramel produce a warm and rich invitation for the senses right from the start. Jasmine and osmanthus soon merge with Laos benzoin creating a floral heart that is both seductive and alluring. At the bottom, a base of Madagascar vanilla, Indian oud, crystalline musk and amber create the final embrace of this perfume
        warm and passionate. Mamluk is a rare and deeply reflective perfume built on the primordial nature of humanity.

         Oud Stars Collection

        Oud Stars Collection is a line entirely dedicated to the traditions of Arab perfumery. The Oud Stars Collection is created with prestigious pure oud distillates from plantations in Laos, Cambodia and Borneo. The extensive research and limited production of the collection has been developed with the firm intention of creating a special line, faithful to the traditions of Arab perfumery, integrating the luxurious style and creativity of Xerjoff perfumes.

        This collection was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70