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        SEYMCHAN, Yasachsnaya (URSS) 1967

        Seymchan meteorite is a pallasite-class meteorite found in the bed of Hekandue river, located in Magadan district in 1967 during the period of USSR. The Seymchan meteorite is considered an anomaly in the pallasite group because it has an abnormally high concentration of iridium.

        GPS coordinates: 62° 54′ 0″ N, 152° 26′ 0″ E

        Your purchase includes :

        Unique printing of your photography (limited edition 1of1)
        The original meteorite which has been used for photo shooting in a luxury wood black glossy case
        Authenticity card with serial number laser engraved
        Authenticity certificate
        Free worldwide shipping
        Delay: maximum 1 month

        Printing :
        Mounting: Glossy acrylic glass 4 mm (art gallery quality)
        Paper: Fujifilm Fuji Crystal Archive Maxima
        Paper (option): Metal effect with Fujifilm Fuji Crystal Pearl
        Sizes (cm) : 50x50 / 80x80 / 100x100 / 120x120
        Other sizes on request


          This artistic photograph is made using the "photo stacking" technique and numerous post-production processes.

          The result is unmatched sharpness and precision, enabling very large format printing at 300 dpi.