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        Visionnaire Italian Interior Design for contemporary environments.

        Unique and modern, the Visionnaire style is the essence of Made in Italy that combines design and art in a meta-luxury concept of customized products.

        The concept of meta-luxury, particularly dear to Eleonore Cavalli Art director of the Visionnaire brand, is the idea according to which the essence of luxury is not limited to external qualities, but resides in more intangible, ethical and cultural aspects. People recognize and reward this value because they increasingly want to surround themselves with objects that express their being, and not just their possessions. And Visionnaire has cultivated this vision since the beginning, so much so that it has made it the pivot of its own decalogue-manifesto. But if the design product absorbs upon itself instances and suggestions captured from the world, it is inevitable to wonder how the present reflects on the path of a brand so strongly devoted to listening and empathy.



         Visionnaire continues its path of sustainable development by focusing on the fundamental values of the brand: responsibility towards the Italian territory, work ethic and the highest quality of Made in Italy. Also thanks to the decision to reveal their strategic wishes through the declarations of intent contained in the "Decalogo" the brand defines its own course: the idea of confirming itself as the creator of top quality products is combined with a rigorous and responsible commitment to the environment.

         At the top of the pyramid, the crucial value that indicates the first of the foundation concepts in the identity and philosophy of Visionnaire. Our activity of invention and creation is driven and governed by a precise cultural vision, in which the production of knowledge, intellectual exchange and the experience gained by encouraging a versatile dialogue among individuals are essential priorities of great importance in the collective life of contemporary communities.

        In the second value - "Nature" - Visionnaire declares: "the desire to protect the natural heritage is configured as an awareness that informs and directs our cultural vision, now sensitized towards design behaviors that, from the selection of materials to the last of the processes foreseen in the manufacturing cycles, assume a precise and heartfelt civil commitment ".


        Visionnaire, founded by the parent company IPE based in Bologna in 1959, is a reference meta-luxury brand in the Made in Italy interior design sector, loved for its one-of-a-kind design skills tailored to the wishes of its customers. . It operates in more than 55 countries with a presence of over 30 single-brand stores and a network of department stores and multi-brand stores around the world.

        Since 2004, Visionnaire has created a distinctive style, characterized by lively experimentation with materials, volumes with an unexpected balance and unmistakable motifs that celebrate the Maison's all-Italian origins. Thanks to the collaboration of a team of eclectic and visionary designers, both Italian and foreign, it is the ideal partner for bespoke proposals in residential and contracts contexts, in luxury hotels as well as in the yachting and aviation sector.

        The brand bases its business on the value of knowledge and the continuous search for the concept of contemporary beauty, confirms itself as the creator of projects and design products of the highest tailoring, encouraging and enhancing the production of local craftsmen, present on the Italian territory.

        The meta-luxury of contents and values ​​finds application in the responsible use of materials, in technological research that the company carries out with commitment and in investments to improve the efficiency of its production chain. Visionnaire, in fact, counts on a network of over 30 craft hubs distributed throughout the country, thanks to which it creates objects of extraordinary singularity: the combination and mixing of materials, the hand of the artisans who tests, perfects and defines new solutions. material and compositional, define the identity of every single product, making it unique and not replicable even if reproducible


         Visionnaire also has a rigorous and responsible commitment to its territory. This desire to protect the natural heritage and human capital declared in the manifesto art book, the "Decàlogo" is configured as an awareness that informs and directs one's cultural vision, from the selection of materials to the last of the processes foreseen in the manufacturing cycles and assumes a precise and heartfelt ethical commitment.

        Ten foundation values. Ten programmatic precepts. Entrepreneurial energy blends with the poetry of the creative act. Each of the key concepts of the Visionnaire philosophy is defined through a sequence of words that express a vision, with the force of a credo. To narrate our own roots, to verify our identity, to outline the trajectories of an ambitious future.

        In 2019 Visionnaire obtained the FSC® Forest Stewardship council® C147146 and PEFCTM Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification certifications, committing to direct its customers towards responsible management of forest heritage and the desire to ensure that the woods used to come from legal cuts and from certified supply chains.

        Visionnaire has also been ISO 9001 certified since 2011, guaranteeing compliance with digestion quality standards, in a broader project for the development and enhancement of Italian know-how, which is based on the choice of producing products entirely in Italy for sixty years.