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        "I was aiming to design a lamp with a minimum of materials used. Not only in a sense of reduced design - I always design items in a straight and uncomplicated way - but also in a sense of saving resources. A simple strip of sheet metal seemed to be a very good approach. Besides the flat led is in perfect accordance with the sheet metal and considering the constraint of saving energy and resources, the usage of led technology was obligatory. Folding strips of sheet metal give great opportunities for design. I started to work with paper models right away and designed the whole lamp without one sole sketch or drawing. Working on a cardboard model one-to-one scale is a very important step in a design process promptly providing a great feeling in regards to proportion, shape, dimension and function. It was a pleasure to start with that step right away”.
        Jannis Ellenberger

        Jannis Ellenberger

        Jannis Ellenberger was born in 1974 in Kassel, Germany. First, he served an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker to finally continue his studies at the Academy of Design in Münster. In 2006 he established a studio for product- and interior design in Bremen, which is mainly working on designs of furniture, lighting and accessories, besides he realized a furniture collection running under the label of his own studio. He has been collaborating with several national and international companies such as CB2 (USA), Sudbrock (D), Prandina (I), Lumess (CH) or Friesland Porzellanfabrik (D). In Jannis Ellenberger's philosophy human needs are always in the center of any design process and the designer has to take over responsibility for the things that shape our environment. Ellenbergerdesign develops interiors and products, that are precise and always concentrating on the essential, yet adding a warm touch and feel to it and keeping in mind the clients' requirements. Design is a process that implies close cooperation between all professionals being involved, supporting the customers throughout the whole design process to build a trustful and long-term relationship.


        Prandina is an Italian Lighting Design Brand, who’s main aim is to follow a very simple creative philosophy:  the one of simplicity and formal austerity, functionality and long-lasting quality. Prandina wants to reflect these strong values by transmitting a defined identity, one that you can immediately reckon, which goes beyond fashion, trends of the moment and stylistics conventions.

        During its 30 years of activity, Prandina has constantly explored mouth-blown glass potentialities and possibilities, always looking for new shapes’ ideas to give a contemporary taste to a material that is traditionally considered as the most eligible one to transmit light at its best. Thanks to this constant mediation between innovation and tradition, today Prandina’s collection interprets perfectly residential and contract solutions with its catalogue and custom-made production.


        Quality, intended as a product that courageously embraces innovative manufacturing processes and has always been granting the finest aesthetical level together with production and execution of the highest possible quality.

        Quality, intended as service and where customers’ demands give continuous inputs to the company’s strategic choices. Such situations generate a passage, where the simple sale of a product becomes a sale of values of a company that bases its main core on services and people.

        Quality, intended as projects, where experience and know-how are improved and developed out of their productive comfort zone, looking for solutions that are always up to date and taking advantage of the flexibility of production to meet the specific needs of specialists.