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        From his parents' collection of paintings, Daniele Fortuna began to admire the materials they were made of and their proportions. He began to imagine the story behind those paintings and what had led the artist to their creation. Thus, an attraction was born for those objects, for their shapes and colours: the artist was attracted by De Chirico's timelessness, Sassu's inflamed red and Fontana's gestures.

        Daniele Fortuna's sculptures are made of wood painted with acrylic paint, thus combining the plastic, material feature of wood with colour, a key element of the artist's aesthetic. Hence the word "colormination", a neologism that refers to the chromatic contamination of classical busts that occurs in his art. The word comes from "domination", a strong term, but combined with colour that renews its meaning.

        And the colours that dominate range from pastel tones to fluorescent, metallic and even glittering shades; even works that at first glance seem white sometimes hide multi-coloured chasms.


        Using the artist's own words:

        "Wood was a material that I already felt was mine. I find it a 'warm' material because, when you touch it, you feel that it has that kind of porosity even though I paint it. And this being 'warm' represents me because I am a very convivial person, a person of companionship. Wood, then, is also alive because it expands and shrinks, it really has a life of its own."

        But even though wood is his favourite material, Daniele Fortuna has also experimented with plexiglass, mirrors and concrete, combining art with his studies as designer.

        Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the artist and his works for sale.