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        Unique work by the Italian street artist Mr. Savethewall, Kiss Me Composition is made with a mixed technique on canvas and it measures 70x100 cm.

        The protagonist of the work is the iconic frog-man by Mr. Savethewall, repeated on a colorful background. He looks confident, but despite the anthropomorphic body, his face is that of a frog.

        In this work the artist refers to the fairy tale of the Princess and the frog and he shows how even an elegant and businessman clothing can hide a frog.


        Famous all over the world is the representation made by Mr. Savethewall of the contemporary man, well dressed and elegant, who however has the appearance of a Frog.

        The artist's goal is to warn about the falsity of the famous tale of the Princess and the Frog: the frog, even if it turns into a prince, is still a frog.

        The true moral of the story is therefore that, as the artist himself states, "a frog, even if well dressed, is and always remains a frog".

        But not only: as anticipated, the artist does not remain superficial to his interpretations.

        The frog-man thus also becomes a representation of his acquaintances, real people, who pose showing the Rolex and walking around well dressed.

        In reality, under the guise that he often deceives, these people prove themselves for what they really are: frogs.

        From this critical reflection was born the famous work entitled BACIAMI, which today has become one of his most famous and iconographic works.