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Moldavite #0552

Limited edition 1 of 1

This fine art photography represents an impact specimen from Týn nad Vltavou (Czech Republic)

Size : (10.78mm x 14.50mm / 0.393in x 0.551in)

MOLDAVITE,  Týn nad Vltavou (Czech Republic)

Moldavite is an olive-green to dark-green glassy material that can form during the impact of a meteorite. The impact of the meteorite melts the sand contained in the ground and expels it at an altitude of 100-150 km where the sand solidifies and becomes natural glass.

Your purchase includes :
Unique printing of your photography (limited edition 1of1)
The original meteorite which has been used for photo shooting in a luxury wood black glossy case
Authenticity card with serial number laser engraved
Authenticity certificate
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Printing :
Mounting: Glossy acrylic glass 4 mm (art gallery quality)
Paper: Fujifilm Fuji Crystal Archive Maxima
Paper (option): Metal effect with Fujifilm Fuji Crystal Pearl
Sizes (cm) : 50x50 / 80x80 / 100x100 / 120x120
Other sizes on request


    This artistic photograph is made using the "photo stacking" technique and numerous post-production processes.

    The result is unmatched sharpness and precision, enabling very large format printing at 300 dpi.

    Moldavite #0552

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