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        The sculpture by Daniele Fortuna, Ninpha Golden Love is a unique freestanding sculpture made in 2021.

        Tin the artist’s sculpture it is typical and strong the inspiration he draws from ancient statues. In this sculpture, in fact, the face, which is the only protagonist of the work, has the typical shapes of the past and it is characterized by an unusual color for the statues of antiquity. This is due to the artist's desire to combine past and present in the same work.

        "Wood was a material that I already felt was mine. I find it a 'warm' material because, when you touch it, you feel that it has that kind of porosity even though I paint it. And this being 'warm' represents me because I am a very convivial person, a person of companionship. Wood, then, is also alive because it expands and shrinks, it really has a life of its own."

        The Ninpha Golden Love sculpture is a unique work made of wood with the typical technique of the artist that combines several staggered levels, reminiscent of a digital production.

        Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the artist and his works for sale.