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        Dimensions: 150mm (L) × 111mm (W) × 97mm (H)
        Weight: 493 grams (without film pack)
        Battery: High-performance lithium-ion battery (1100mAh), rechargeable via USB
        Outer shells: Polycarbonate + ABS plastic
        External barrel viewfinder
        Lens: Optical grade polycarbonate lens, coated
        Shutter System: Custom design using a precision stepping motor
        Lens: Fixed focus lens
        The focal length of the standard lens: 103mm
        The focal length of the portrait lens: 89 mm
        Field of view: 41 ° vertical, 40 ° horizontal
        Flash system: strobe with a vacuum discharge tube
        Bluetooth LE connectivity
        Shoulder strap and USB charging cable included
        Tripod mount on the camera base


        Polaroid is the brand name used to identify a series of products from the Polaroid Corporation, which is most famous for its instant camera with self-developing film.

        In March 2008, Polaroid announced the production launch of the new Polaroids, thanks to ZINK, “Zero-Ink”, a new ink-free printing technology. The camera contains a very small colour printer that operates on a particular photographic paper, made of crystalline pigments that are coloured thanks to a thermal process.

        The Polaroid Corporation has created a large series of instant cameras with self-developing films, which do not all use the same type of sensitive papers. Most use SX-70 or 600 films. New SX-70 and Spectra and 600 films are produced by “The Impossible Project”: a team of enthusiasts who have tried their hand at repairing Polaroid’s decision to stop production of films for traditional cameras.