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        Pirelli joined forces with IXOOST, an Italian brand that specializes in high-end audio, to create a new sound experience inspired by motorsport. Pirelli and IXOOST share the same passion for the world’s most famous supercars and high performance – and you can hear it!

        Pirelli P ZERO™ Sound is the result of Pirelli's technical know-how combined with high-end audio design from IXOOST.
        This exclusive hi-fi system includes a cutting-edge Bluetooth™ speaker within a real scaled-down F1™ tire. Technically called ‘Wind Tunnel Tires’, these are engineered by Pirelli for Formula 1™ Teams to conduct their aerodynamic testing. This mini-tire sets new standards of design and audio technology and is the perfect hi-fi speaker for motorsport aficionados.

        The acoustic system includes a powerful amplifier with a 100-watt digital signal processor and is equipped with a 100-millimeter mid-woofer as well as a 25-millimeter silk tweeter. The whole system is made entirely in Italy by the Modena-based firm, characterized by obsessive attention to detail, hand-crafted perfectionism, and a passion for unique products.

        Pirelli P Zero™ Sound is available in 9 different colours, like those used of F1™ to distinguish the different racing compound.

        This hi-fi system, which uses the most advanced 4.0 Aptx technology, is installed inside a real Wind Tunnel Tyre, a tire built to a reduced scale that has been produced by Pirelli for the F1™ teams, who use them for wind tunnel tests. “The biggest challenge for IXOOST was to adapt ourselves to an object that already has a very specific function”, explains Giovanni Panini. “We carried out various experiments before we figured out how to get the best sound quality, while still leaving the original form of the object intact”. This is how PIRELLI P ZERO™ sounds, a design object available in nine different racing tire colours, with a sound system that has a powerful, built-in 100 w Dsp amplifier and a 100 mm midwoofer that came about. The small artisanal workshops, where skilled craftsmen passionately carried out every stage of the product’s development, has provided a masterpiece of art, design and technology.



        On/Off button

        Thermal protection



        8 kg

        Ø 330 x 190 mm


        110V – 240V ~ 50/60Hz – PCF

        0,5 W electric absorption


        Bluetooth® 4.0 – aptX® decoding


        1 ampli 1×100 watt – tweeter/midrange


        1 da 1″ tweeter

        1 da 6.5″ midbass


        45 – 22.000 Hz


        IXOOST speakers are assembled entirely by hand and can be customized according to customer specifications. The materials are the same used in the automotive and aeronautical fields.

        The range is varied: there is Xilo, connectable to any smartphone luxury audio systems even without the use of cables – even in the special versions Cars & Coffee, Gold, Pershing, Scuderia; there Radial6 (in our opinion the most beautiful, ed) that takes its cue from the radial engines of the aircraft; there is Otto, made for iPod / iPhone starting from the exhaust of a V8 or a Formula 1 V10 – also in Gold and Pershing version; there is V8 Engine, in which the speakers replace the cylinder housings on the head; finally EsaVox – created in collaboration with Lamborghini – which is developed around the true exhaust terminal of the Aventador, from which it also borrows the ignition button similar to the buttons of combat fighters and is capable of delivering 900 watts overall.

        In the impossible challenge of combining sound with mechanics, the symbolic object of every racing car, perhaps the most infernal one, will continue to vibrate on the notes of your favorite soundtracks in your living room.