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        Mirco Pecorari


        Anticorodal 6082


        2 1 "Tweeter

        4 by 2 ”MidRange

        1 4 "woofer


        Bluetooth® 4.2 - aptX® decoding

        3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack


        2 × 100 + 1 × 200 watts


        100 - 240V ~ 50 / 60Hz


        60 - 20,000 Hz


        443mm (17.5 in) x 406mm (16.0 in) x 360mm (14.2 in)

        * Dimensions refer to the dock station base only.


        Get ready to fly!

        iXOOST offers you the iconographic transformation of everyday elements, typical of the aeronautical universe, into a unique object, inspired by the world of aircraft. Radial6 is an audio dock designed first of all with heart and passion, inspired by those unique aeronautical details: from the radial engine to the flap, from the hangar to the flight, without ever forgetting the pilot man.

        Radial6 is the first dock that flies with music.


        Radial6 offers the pleasure of a 360 ° view

        It is the first dock that draws inspiration from the world of aircraft: nose cones, cylinders and flaps are the creative basis of this incredible system which, in the pure spirit of iXOOST, finds its strong and decisive connotation in the final exhaust manifold. The front recalls the old radial aircraft engines and the beautiful nose cone machined from solid transforms the dock into an aircraft ready for take-off. The support fin, also machined from solid, elevates the dock making it visually light. A true mechanical masterpiece that, in addition to having the internal passage of the cables, closes perfectly with the ogive and the rear woofer casing, becoming a real airplane engine.


        The radial sound

        When looking at the Radial6 from the front, one aspect is immediately striking: the perfect speaker arrangement. The slightly tilted back position that this design echoes is the result of a good reason: to disperse the sound evenly around the dock, helping to create a solid three-dimensional image. Together with the lateral positioning of the tweeters, the sound is much more balanced and with an excellent stereo effect.The rear woofer produces greater acoustic depth, expanding the optimal listening point and making the timbre of the voice extremely natural. Its circularity is not an end in itself, but designed to ensure a sound front as open and natural as possible: the transducers are composed of 2 1 "tweeters, 4 2" midrange, while in the rear there is a 4 "woofer ″.