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        The work by Daniele Fortuna, Venus Colormination is a unique sculpture painted in acrylics on wood.

        The sculpture depicts the half-bust of the Roman goddess of love, Venus. The half-bust incorporates the typical characteristics of ancient works along with what the artist calls Colormination, which means the contamination of color within sculptures inspired by the past. The term, coined by the artist, indicates the desire of the artist to pervade the world with color.

        Typical of the artist is the union of contemporary symbols, in this case the bright and vivid colors that try to take over a white sculpture with a strong reference to ancient sculptures to create a sort of imaginary bridge between the past and the present.

        Venus Colormination measures 67 x 48 x 28 cm and was made in 2021.

        Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the artist and his works for sale.