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        The protagonist of Mr Savethewall’s work is a besaglio made in white and grey tones that emerges on a completely black background. Right in the center of the target, the only dye point with a brilliant yellow of the artwork, there is a dart. The work realized in mixed media on canvas has an important meaning for Mr Savethewall who identifies the dart at the centre of the target, in the colored point, as a fixed and attained goal or a realized dream.

        Mr Savethewall sings Yes You can! this series of works that as a subject represent a target and a dart have a very important meaning regarding the artist’s life experience, as“each is the choices that makes”, as “sitting I had so many ideas but only by raising my ass I realized” or like the "Family of the White Mill does not exist”. Also “yes you can” is simple but effective, like the encouragement of the artist’s mother: “yes, you can”, “you lack nothing, you must want!” and want means to have clear what you want, where to shoot the arrow. And you? Yes, you can.