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        ILFARI - Danilo Cascella Premium Store


        The lighting of breathtaking beauty between the extravagant and the wonderfully eccentric.

        ILFARI is a modern light with a touch of classic.

        Founded in the Netherlands in 2001, ILFARI is the epitome of pure Dutch design, inspired by dance music and the creations of the world's best fashion designers.

        Music, flowing through the unusual elegance of light creations, brings delicacy and a sense of movement. All this without forgetting that a room at night has many identities and multiple functions and lighting must serve everyone. We channel music into handcrafted lighting that reflects what we hear. This is the philosophy behind all the collections since the foundation of ILFARI. The result is a cosmopolitan, luxurious, unique lighting with a highly progressive, eclectic, almost artistic look on light of great beauty and simplicity. ILFARi luminous creations are entirely handmade, produced in Holland and Germany and use glass and Swarovski® crystals of the highest European quality, with careful attention to detail. The goal is to give modern and classic interiors an individual, almost revolutionary look, with designs that play with light just as they play with your imagination. In their creations you will find inspiring lighting ideas that will totally transform your interior design with their fascinating collection.

        ILFARI is known for its uniquely designed lighting for luxury interiors around the world, pendant lamps that have retro cosmic shapes in combination with hypermodern anodized aluminum. The design is absolutely unconventional and once again sets the tone for the high-end lighting design.

        The inspiration of geometric figures, minimalism and a touch of industrial design are combined in all collections. As known ILFARIare able to create tailor-made lighting according to the customer's needs, mixing different sizes and colors and using any number of pendants desired. In this way interior designers or architects can create something unique for their project, giving it their own touch.

        Reflexx H1 Reflexx H1
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        Eye in the Sky H3 Standard Eye in the Sky H3 Standard
        From €1.830,00
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        Stream H1 Stream H1
        From €460,00
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        Infinity H15 Infinity H15
        From €6.310,00
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        Tears from Moon H12 Tears from Moon H12
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