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Polaroid is the brand name used to identify a series of products from the Polaroid Corporation, which is most famous for its instant camera with self-developing film.

Polaroid Originals

In March 2008, Polaroid announced the production launch of the new Polaroids, thanks to ZINK, "Zero-Ink", a new ink-free printing technology. The camera contains a very small color printer that operates on a particular photographic paper, made of crystalline pigments that are colored thanks to a thermal process.
The Polaroid Corporation has created a large series of instant cameras with self-developing films, which do not all use the same type of sensitive papers. Most use SX-70 or 600 films. New SX-70 and Spectra and 600 films are produced by "The Impossible Project": a team of enthusiasts who have tried their hand at repairing Polaroid's decision to stop production of films for traditional cameras.
In 2017, The Impossible Project is relaunched as Polaroid Originals: the brand dedicated solely to the original products of Polaroid instant photography. Bringing analog instant photography back under the Polaroid hat was a significant milestone, but not the end of the journey yet.
In March 2020, Polaroid took the next step and returned to being a single brand, with one and only name: Polaroid.
Today Polaroid has instant analog photography at its core and represents the brand that people around the world have known and loved for the past 82 years. By unifying the entire product portfolio under one name, Polaroid outlines its new vision of being a cohesive global brand that will continue to create products that connect people in meaningful ways.

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