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Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski creates sculptures that represent the transition from seminal instinct to civilized understanding. He works through the concept of “Born Wild”, reflecting the main values of contemporary style which contribute to his creations a timeless feel, that touch a wide audience including children, fascinated by the familiar creatures and vivid colors.

Orlinski was born in Paris in 1966. He gained his education at the National Fine Arts School in Neuilly-sur-Seine where he decided to devote himself to sculpture making. Exploring his chosen medium, he creates under the influence of Pop Art, which marked his childhood and inspired him since his early artistic beginnings. His sculptures are far from the conventional but within the framework of today’s trends. Orlinski creates art pieces that act on our impulses and pristine instincts. Questioning the viewer’s perception in front of the piece of art, his sculptures explore the understanding on many different levels, considering the visual impact, popular iconography and instincts. Constantly striving for perfection, Orlinski’s course of transformation from archaic to civilized is determined by the aesthetics of his work. He chooses innovative materials as resin and aluminum, but marble, stone and bronze are often seen in his oeuvre. His work has been exhibited at numerous institutions and art fairs around the world, including the Art Elysées art fair, Art Paris art fair, Artiferia in Bologna, INCEPTION Gallery and Opera Gallery in London. In 2015, he was ranked as France's most best-selling contemporary artist by Art Price.

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