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D-Easy. State-of-the-art technology and innovative Italian design come together in a piece of furniture that goes from business to private, useful, simple and elegant.

D-Easy is a table with a multitouch surface and ultra capacitive touchscreen technology with 100 Points Capacitive Ultra film that allows users to view content, images, maps, PDF files, web pages, games, social networks, cameras, external programs and much more. The D-Easy is available in 4K FHD the sizes 43 (only FHD) "55" 65 "84".

The Table is made on the basis of a 4K FHD solution monitor with a Multitouch screen, to make the table ultra-thin.

The operation of a capacitive touch screen is based on a glass-coated on the internal side with conductive layers which, from the moment when the fingers are touched (or with any conductive object), senses an alteration of the electric field. This alteration is immediately detected and managed by the management software which assigns the touch coordinates.

Technical Product Sheet

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The advantages of this technology are represented by the maximum protection of the glass layer that protects the technology and guarantees greater resistance to wear over time. Another advantage of these touch devices is the remarkable simplicity of use due to the excellent sensitivity of these displays that do not require strong pressures to operate but only need a slight touch. Unlike optical touch screens, it is immune to changes in ambient light, allows the detection of the amount of pressure on the touch and allows the creation of devices with all-flat shapes.

D-Easy, Interactive Luxury Multitouch Table

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