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        Born in Madrid in 1974, as a teenager, Jaime Hayon became passionate about the subculture of skate and graffiti art and studied industrial design between Spain and France. Later he moved to Italy to continue training at the Fabrica research center, founded by Benetton in Treviso, where he will run the design department until 2003. In 2000 he founded his own studio and after three years he started to devote himself exclusively to his projects, becoming one of the most famous and sought-after designers and artists in the world. Its broad customer base has embraced various functions and means, including home furnishings for the b. Barcelona, ​​Cassina, Fritz Hansen, & Tradition and Magis; lighting fixtures for Parachilna, Metalarte, and Swarovski; and sophisticated objects for Bisazza, Lladró, and Baccarat. He also performed interiors for major hotels, restaurants, museums, and retail stores worldwide.
        His artistic vision was exhibited for the first time in the “Mediterranean Digital Baroque” and “Mon Cirque” installations. These collections put Jaime Hayon at the forefront in a new wave that blurs the lines between art, decoration, and design, and rebirth of intricate objects finely worked in the context of contemporary design culture.
        Jaime Hayon further defined his vision in subsequent personal exhibitions and exhibitions at major art and design galleries and fairs around the world.


        It was in 1976 that Italo Bosa started its own ceramic production following the ancient processing techniques for objects made entirely by hand, enhanced by a rich color palette, decorated with precious metals – gold, platinum, copper – and enamels with exclusive shades created by the company. Precise techniques that are still today at the base of Bosa’s production and that give the objects uniqueness, quality, and recognizability. The ceramic objects and furnishings created in the Bosa house, in addition to expressing all the knowledge of the craft, transmit that incessant experimentation of the possibilities of ceramics that has among its objectives the transformation of formal and functional habits into new interpretations, new fantastic functions and worlds, a mission that Italo Bosa has been able to transfer to his daughters Francesca and Daniela, to his wife and to all his collaborators.

        The three pieces of the collection are a mixture of mythology and personal memories where the bull becomes a Minotaur, the ram an important sacrificial animal to celebrate the gods, and, according to a particularly wild approach, the horse is tinged with dreamlike tones becoming a unicorn.

        ANIMAlità 2015

        Fantastic beasts of design

        From effective prostheses to apotropaic talismans

        Ten curious objects, the result of the fantastic invention of ten visionary designers called upon to interpret the ANIMAlità theme. Bosa's vocation for experimentation and research in the fields of art and design is reconfirmed with this original collection of apotropaic, playful, and animistic objects whose central theme is ANIMAlità, interpreted in a literal, metaphorical, and fantastic sense. The unpublished works are signed by Sam Baron, Matteo Cibic, GamFratesi, Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Herkner, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Minale-Maeda, Elena Salmistraro, Ionna Vautrin, and Nika Zupanc.