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"The collection I designed for Ghidini 1961, Flirt Collection, consists of three vases that can be overturned to offer different functionalities and a greater range of use. Joe & Ema Ema & Lou Gil & Luc A fruit bowl that can become a vase, a smaller vase that can take the form of a larger vase or a champagne cooler. The shapes literally flirt with each other and extend the possibility of brass, giving versatility to the metal. 

Dimensions: ø33 x 23 H

Material gold: brass

Material pink gold: copper


After graduating in metal sculpture at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, he specialized in furniture design at the renowned EnsAD. Motivated by a rich creative background, Duchaufour-Lawrance explores new boundaries and immediately gets involved in unusual projects that allow him to refine his aesthetic sense and create his own style. In 2003 he founded Néonata, a name with the meaning of “New Birth”, a creative studio functioning as a think tank and research laboratory. The Néonata team under his direction "gives birth" to interior design and architecture projects that express a sense of perfection down to the smallest detail. Inspired by his experience in sculpture, Noé's furnishing accessories express modern elegance and a sense of luxury. Some of his early projects include pieces for Ceccotti including the iconic Manta desk which looks like an elegant mix of intertwined curved lines and branch stylization and the award-winning Buonanotte Valentina, a bed with a design celebrating the purity of solid American walnut. Among the pieces designed for Bernhardt Design, the critically acclaimed Corvo chair and the Harper rocking chair crown the company's 125th-anniversary celebrations. Noé's interior design projects are varied and range from restaurants to offices to retail spaces. More recently he has dedicated himself to the lounge-style reinterpretation of the interiors of SFL where he has designed a new type of working space aimed at supporting different working methods as well as an environment suitable for human relationships made up of spontaneous social exchanges and meetings. He also recently completed the redesign of the layout model of the brand's stores around the world for Montblanc. The shops are the image of the brand's core values, they enhance the refined European craftsmanship, they are a symbol of the brand's heritage of excellence and its innovative research. For over a century Montblanc has created the best writing, soft and hard luxury items, and the Hamburg store represents the latest example of its history and tradition in these sectors.


Ghidini Bosco of Villa Carcina, in the province of Brescia, belongs to Italy’s manufacturing excellence, thanks to their unparalleled manufacturing skills. A specialist in die casting brass, aluminum and zamak, the company excels in combining advanced technologies and rapid prototyping with traditional craft skills. Their catalog includes thousands of products, ranging from lighting fixtures to furnishing items, decorative items and handles. For over 50 years the company has established close ties with international architects and designers to develop custom products and create classical and contemporary art items. Pieces, those of GHIDINI1961, destined to become iconic, to erase the boundary between art and design and to establish with the public a communion of intentions and views such as to translate into a loyal and lasting relationship, just like artistic artefacts. A demonstration of how the reliability and quality of a brand can become a guarantee of investment capable of acquiring value over time.


The entire production cycle takes place in-house and is characterized by meticulous attention to detail: from the idea to the end product, passing through the various processing stages – from pressure die casting to lost wax and gravity casting, from machining to drilling, from satin-finishing to sand-blasting and polishing. These are the solid foundations of GHIDINI1961.
With over 50 years of history behind it, and entrepreneurial wisdom that has been handed down from father to son, GHIDINI1961 presents furnishings, lamps and home accessories that are true testimonies of great Italian craftsmanship combined with state of the art production technologies, care for materials, aesthetics and attention to detail. With this foundation, our products are not just meant to decorate a refined environment, but they represent something valuable, to be cared of, that can be passed over through generations thanks to its intrinsic and long-lasting value blended with iconic and timeless design.


As Art Director, Stefano Giovannoni has put together a diversified creative team able to enhance the properties of brass. This valued material which features golden tones and reflections has developed a remarkable collection of items, furniture and accessories for daily use. All these products are characterized by innovative design and high-quality manufacturing, creating an exclusive mood coherent with the nature and the best tradition of brass. The collection has been designed by renowned international firms such as Aldo Cibic, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Branch Creative, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Noè Duchaufour–Lawrance, Setsu & Shinobu Ito, Richard Hutten, Elisa Giovannoni, Stefano Giovannoni, Paolo Rizzatto, Tomek Rygalik, Studio Job and Nika Zupanc. The collection ranges from large furniture statements to tiny golden accents that decorate and give warmth to stylish residential environments.


With GHIDINI1961 brass makes its debut in contemporary design, with ennobled rigor. The collection comprises works of art, where brass acquires an almost sculptural power, upholstered furniture, dining tables, cabinets and finely chiseled home accessories, bearing witness to Ghidini’s obsession for details. The series includes almost all articles for use at home, which are interpreted in an unusual joyful way: from surreal champagne coolers in the shape of a large thimble, conceived by Studio Job and one with large circular handles by Richard Hutten, who also designed a coat hanger in the shape of a stem on which there are wide-open winged butterflies and a set of polygonal baskets; to Stefano Giovannoni’s Frame collection, where geometric shapes are softened by the velvety surface of brass to create a sleek collection of sofas, armchairs, dining tables and bookshelves.  Allusions to nature continue with Nika Zupanc’s platters in the shape of palm leaves, characterized by an outstanding surface finish. In its rich variety, the collection is a compendium of the most significant contemporary creative expressions, interpreted and enhanced by Ghidini’s skillful expertise and ability to interpret brass in all its possible forms.

Flirt Collection - Gil & Luc

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