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The new Fabio and Laura lamps from the living collection are made with the exclusive Statuario marble. The refinement of the shapes and the quality of the material combine to diffuse particular plays of light into the environment. The radial structure allows the light to expand from every corner, creating rays of glimmer. Furnishing accessories with dual functionality that make every context and style special.

Handmade In Italy

Dimensions (in): D 7.87 x H 11.8

Dimensions (cm): D 20 x H 30

Vie del Marmo

Vie Del MarMo is an Italian company, located in the north of Tuscany in the marble district, where the raw material has been extracted for centuries. The passion for Italian craftsmanship and the skill of generations of work, has led this company to satisfy requests in the sector of architecture, design and decorative objects. Quality materials are selected from our quarries and combined with highly quality ed workmanship, enabling us to provide ad hoc Italian service.

Vie Del MarMo is the result of Apuan and Versilian craftsmen who have known how to interpret the language of stone for generations. Experience and passion for this work are

the key factors that bring their ideas to life.

With the technological evolution, artisan experience has put its know-how at the disposal of new generations. Numerical control machines, along with extensive experience, enables production to obtain high-precision results during the working process.

Design has no limits and is evident in a collection where lines and veins harmonize your space.

Vie Del MarMo design is our line that will make your space unique. Research and studies by our designers produce objects that combine elegance and functionality. Small and medium-sized products whose elegance can be adapted to any style classic or modern; unique objects that express your personality.

Vie Del MarMo encloses 100% Italian artisan tradition that the master craftsmen of Forte dei Marmi have knowingly put into each and every creation, giving fresh new forms to the area’s marble, among which “Brezza della Versilia” with its colours that reflect the sea. This is a chance for Yacht owners to complement their living space aboard. Small and medium-sized elegant furnishing accessories are designed and produced in various styles: classic, modern or unique pieces that express the personality of the Yacht owner.

Vie Del MarMo manufactures marble products precisely following all the projects that are provided to it. Our laboratory is also structured to develop large order quantities.


Marble is a rather delicate material, to clean stains, dirt, or yellowed parts we can use simple procedures that will restore its condition. Never use detergents or abrasive products on marble, to avoid bleaching. To guarantee the best conditions for the marble, simply clean it with warm water, bicarbonate or with Marseille soap, always dry very well with a chamois cloth. It is advisable not to use oil and vinegar on the surfaces due to the high absorbance of marble.

Laura Lamp

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