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        Tecknomonster Luxury Masterpiece in carbon fiber for suitcases and home design absolutely made in Italy. Tecknomonster is a luxury line of travel suitcases, bags, business briefcases, watch cases and home design items such as tables, chairs, desk chairs and much more. The Designer, Mr. Giacomo Valentini is a genius and an authentic soul who, among his many audacious intuitions, founded the TecknoMonster company in 2007.

        TecknoMonster is an Italian company with IAN certification – Italian Aerospace Industry – based in Casorate Sempione, in the Varese district, a few steps from the giants of the Italian aeronautical industry and in the heart of the moor, among high-level stables.
        In TecknoMonster the temporal space seems to be different: past and future form the present, between engineers who imagine tomorrow by drawing on ancient traditions and highly specialized craftsmen who manually build, step by step, every single artefact.
        TecknoMonster products are made of Carbon Fiber, the same used in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors for the construction of aircraft.




        The exclusive Tecknomonster carbon fiber in its soft version is a strong, flexible, durable and water-resistant ultralight composite material, originating from the construction of supercar interiors and the aerospace sector.


        The ultralight TecknoMonster bags feature details in autoclave compressed carbon fiber, designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy in our factory located near Milan.


        The modern and elegant trimmings are made with soft, friction-resistant Italian leather from the supercar interior design sector. Hand sewed by our master craftsmen.


        TecknoMonster also creates unique masterpiece bags with a blend of authentic exotic leathers and our soft carbon fiber for the most luxurious and modern traveler.


        TecknoMonster bags are ultralight and robust built with full attention to functionality and ergonomics thanks to several organizers, pockets, trolley slots and secret services, finished with waterproof zippers.


        The special TecknoMonster sewing and embroidery machines create quilting masterpieces on Alcantara supercars and luxury leathers for extraordinary details.