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The Mimi Cabinet is a plump white cabinet with giant ears and tall dainty legs. Rich brass trims add opulence. A charming statement piece in any interior space.

Dimension: width 135 cm, depth 63 cm, height 240 cm

Material: plywood, brass

Finish: matt/gloss

Available in 4/8 weeks 

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Pushing the boundaries of shape and form, Matteo Cibic’s ANIMAGIC collection is a celebration of animal forms in andromorphous design. An odd mix of humour, luxury and utility, these pieces go beyond being furniture – they are magical, sculptural objects, almost life-like, that make you smile every time you glance at them. Scarlet Splendor brings to you Matteo Cibic’s ELIE CABINET from this collection – the grand elephant with a lovable brass head and a smart uniform. It opens up as a fantastic sculptural cabinet.

There are two other eclectic pieces in the same collection - the Ciuco and Mimi Cabinets.


It is a donkey world! Meet the dashing Ciuco, a gentleman in his own right. This piece from the ANIMAGIC collection challenges stereotypes as it gleams in its andromorphous glory. Cast in brass and crafted with white resin inlay, the Ciuco Cabinet adds a bit of magic to any space it takes up. Behind the tuxedo lies a spacious cabinet which can hold a large bar or crockery.



Make way for some magic with Mimi. Whimsical, utilitarian and eclectic, the Mimi Cabinet celebrates life, love and luxury all in one statement piece of furniture. Her giant rabbit ears, plump belly, tall dainty legs and rich brass trims add opulence to any interior space.



Matteo Cibic is an internationally renowned designer based in Italy. It is known for its objects with hybrid functions and anthropomorphic forms. His projects are characterized by the idea of ​​hiding unexpected functions and materials.
A trans-media artist can be defined as the ability to use the latest generation materials through ancient techniques of representation. Some of his objects are exhibited at international museums such as the Triennale Design Museum, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Center Pompidou Paris. He works indiscriminately for industrial processes and small artisans to carry out special projects for international institutions and companies like Timberlend, Starbucks, Tim, Bosa and Dodo for which he is a creative consultant. Matteo was named International Young Talent of the Year 2017 by Elle Decor.

“Light is the magic of life.”


Scarlet Splendour was born in 2014 from the love for Design of the brothers Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia and they dream of becoming the first design editors in India. Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia founded Scarlet Splendor in 2014. The brothers grew up in Calcutta, India with a deep sense of appreciation for aesthetics. They combined their mutual passion for design to form Scarlet Splendor, in order to integrate their maximalist sensibility and possibly become the first design editors in India. They set out to create cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and carpets on the edge of classic and modern, whimsical and serious, functional, and dramatic. Scarlet Splendor has partnered with international stores, news agencies, artists, and designers to transform and bring local craftsmanship globally. The company heralds a blend of cultures and transcends geographical boundaries to achieve the extraordinary in the world of design. Scarlet Splendor was launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2015. Their debut collections were born from the genius of Matteo Cibic of Vicenza, Italy. It won the Elle Decor International Design Award 2017 in the Young Talent category. In addition to Matteo Cibic's projects, the Scarlet Splendor portfolio contains a series of works by Dario Contessotto, Mirco Colussi, and Nika Zupanc, who has been called "the real star" by the Wall Street Journal. From Milan 2015 and subsequent exhibitions, Scarlet Splendor has increased its collaborations with internationally renowned designers and the latest in the London Artifact Design Studio. In 2018 Scarlet Splendour participated in the Salone del Mobile. Milan, a milestone not only in the young history of the company but also in the history of the global presence of the Indian design fraternity. Scarlet Splendor combines her exquisite artistry with an immaculate design to evoke decadence and eternity. We invite you to experience its avant-garde aesthetic and share our passion for luxury. In 2020, after meeting the Designer Danilo Cascella, they decided together to start a prestigious partnership and propose their precious pure design collections on the Danilo Cascella Premium Store. An original and scenographic furniture unique of its kind.

Mimi Cabinet, Matteo Cibic

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