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Ø 20 cm, H 42 cm (7” 7/8 - 1’ 4” 17/32)

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SOFFIATO OPALINO - Obtained by overlapping milk-white and other types of glass, the opalino glass is hand-blown and hand-crafted. This technique takes its name from the action performed by the craftsmen when they blow air into a long metal cane attached to a piece of glass in order to expand and shape it into various shapes. This glassmaking tradition has remained unchanged for more than a thousand years. Thanks to this ancient technique and to the experience and manual skill of the master glassmakers, a simple piece of glass is transformed into artistic masterpieces that are truly one of a kind.

“The Opalino vase is all about sophisticated and unique colors, thanks to the use of the traditional Opalino technique. This method was first introduced in the 15th century to make glass resembling porcelain – milk glass or Lattimo – and is now revisited by VENINI. Designed from the creative mind of Paolo Venini in 1932, the Opalino vase conveys pure gracefulness in its shape and colours.”


Opalino Large

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