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Luxury Audio Systems made in Italy directly from the world of Formula 1 cars

Luxury audio systems, hand-assembled speakers made with original motorsport components for a line that is unique in the world.

The IXOOST docking stations are the synthesis of the union between high-quality audio components with real exhaust manifolds made for racing cars and Formula 1. The fascination with Italian supercars has always been a force that arises from the immeasurable drive towards the cars and the emotions they can offer. The Modenese motorists heritage does not stop, it can include well-known and renowned motor brands all over the world.

Here have been built construction companies such as the Maserati, the famous House of the Trident, the Pagani Automobili, the Lamborghini, the De Tomaso and the Bugatti. In Modena, there are also two important vintage Automobile museums that give prestige and prestige to their exposed cars and to the quality of the exhibited pieces that can be admired. We are talking about the Umberto Panini Automobile and Vintage Art Museum, which displays one of the most famous Maserati world collections and the Stanguellini Historical Car Museum where you can admire numerous sports cars that participated in the Mille Miglia from technical performances to lines of the shapes of these wonderful cars, the whole world is focused on the creations that are produced in Modena. The idea comes from the mind of Matteo Panini, who has always been passionate about engines and proud of his native land, while the product design is the result of Mirco Pecorari, which comes from the world of aircraft. in fact names of the whole world has always been fascinated by Italian supercars. If on the one hand what strikes those who admire them is their design of these machines, the result of refined and functional aesthetics, on the other what impacts more violently with their emotional part, it is surely the sound that these cars are in able to issue at every scheme.

In Modena, a land of proven quality for engines, cars and more, it is based iXoost – a few steps from the headquarters of MaseratiFerrariPagani and LamborghiniiXoost builds, entirely by hand, the docking stations that are the highest synthesis of the union between high-quality audio components with real exhaust manifolds made for racing cars, custom-built cars and Formula 1. The idea comes from Matteo’s mind Panini, always passionate about engines and proud of his native land, while the product design is the result of Mirco Pecorari, which comes from the world of aircraft.


IXoost speakers are assembled entirely by hand and can be customized according to customer specifications. The materials are the same used in the automotive and aeronautical fields.

The range is varied: there is Xilo, connectable to any smartphone luxury audio systems even without the use of cables – even in the special versions Cars & Coffee, Gold, Pershing, Scuderia; their Radial6 (in our opinion the most beautiful, ed) that takes its cue from the radial engines of the aircraft; there is Otto, Made for iPod / iPhone starting from the exhaust of a V8 or a Formula 1 V10 – also in Gold and Pershing version; there is V8 Engine, in which the speakers replace the cylinder housings on the head; finally EsaVox – created in collaboration with Lamborghini – which is developed around the true exhaust terminal of the Aventador, from which it also borrows the ignition button similar to the buttons of combat fighters and is capable of delivering 900 watts overall.

In the impossible challenge of combining sound with mechanics, the symbolic object of every racing car, perhaps the most infernal one, will continue to vibrate on the notes of your favorite soundtracks in your living room.

D-Table, an interactive multitouch table of luxury design, has chosen D-Sound as a wireless system because it expresses also the passion for Made in Italy and for the craftsmanship that distinguishes us. D-Sound is born from the union of the research of unique materials, from the study of luxury design and the passion of the Emilian artisans. The monocoque structure is in wood and aluminum and represents the highest expression of Made in Italy or, as the architects of this beautiful piece of  “Made in Modena” say with pride. Add to this the convenience of wireless and the tradition of Bluetooth connectivity. According to the iXOOST philosophy, the sound of a finely tuned engine is unique and inimitable as our senses are unique, our soundtracks, our favorite songs and all the things that give us strong emotions, just like a Formula Grand Prix 1 And so iXOOST accepted the impossible challenge of combining mechanics and sound by creating D-Sound and other models.

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