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        Just a small bunch of people can say to have met Snek Popsicle Art, a very mysterious and reserved artist that creates artworks and sculptures influenced by Pop and Street Art. His works invoke, blink and tease our society’s icons and must haves.

        Armed with spray paints and stencil and hidden by the night, he debuted as a graffiti artist, colouring northern Europe cities’ suburban walls with mural imbued with social messages calling for freedom, equality, social justice.

        Constantly hungry for new knowledges and techniques, he begun stealing advertising boards and posters from cities ‘fashion districts, bringing them to his studio and reworking them with paints and resins.

        He then evolved toward sculpture, crafting shiny and sparkling ice-cream’s replicas that he embellishes with luxury fashion brands logos.

        Spotted by Galleries in 2016, he started being represented in Holland, Belgium, France and now Italy.

        Collectors’ response was a blast while Snek’s artworks sold as soon as they were presented to public.

        Snek Popsicle Art makes very few pieces, mostly single editioned, because for him art has an ethical and moral function: say something and, possibly, leave something to society.

        With series very unlikely to be done, his artworks are mostly unique with a positive impact of values and of the chance that prices will rock through to the stars.