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Versailles Collection

Versailles and Trudon have shared a common history for over three centuries, through a bond of creative craftsmanship. As the official creator of handmade candles for the royal family until the French Revolution, Trudon has helped create glorious and sparkling moments at the Versailles castle with its candles. As a tribute to such a fascinating past, the new Trudon collection could only bear one name: Versailles.

One could even say that Louis XIV's favorite feature of Versailles was its gardens, which inspired the only book he ever wrote, "Manière de montrer les jardins de Versailles." This guide to a walk consisting of about twenty stops encourages past and present visitors to fully embrace the multisensory, visual, auditory, and olfactory experience evoked by Trudon in its Versailles candle. The color of this candle is azure, a true blue like the azure of a fresco sky, a chromatic link between the palace and its fabulous gardens.

The collection includes 4 sizes of candles and a diffuser.

The fragrance surprises with green and floral notes inspired by the legendary gardens of Versailles.

Versailles Petite Candle (70 g)

Tuileries Classic Candle (270 g)

Tuileries Intermezzo Candle (800 g)

Tuileries Grande Candle (2.8 kg)

Tuileries Diffuser (350 ml)

Tuileries Diffuser Refill (300 ml)

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Versailles Room Diffuser|Trudon

Versailles Room Diffuser|Trudon



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2 sizes
  • 350gr
  • Refill
Versailles Collection
Versailles Bougie

Versailles Bougie|Trudon


from €42,00

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4 sizes
  • 70gr
  • 270gr
  • 800gr
  • 3 Kg