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        After Banksy

        Banksy is a contemporary British street artist and activist who, despite his international fame, has maintained an anonymous identity. Aimed as a form of cultural criticism, the artist often targets established social and political agendas with his witty illustrations produced with stencils and spray paint in cities such as New Orleans, New York, and Paris. “The art world is the biggest joke,” he said. “It’s a rest home of the over privileged, the pretentious, and the weak.” Although details of the artist’s life are largely unknown, it is thought that Banksy was born in Bristol, United Kingdom, c. 1974, starting his career as a graffiti artist in the city. The ongoing question as to who Banksy is continued to reach the headlines when in 2017 Robert Del Naja, the singer of the band Massive Attack, was falsely rumored to be Banksy. The artist’s style and use of cultural appropriation has given rise to a number of other street artists, such as Mr. Brainwash. He currently lives and works in the United Kingdom.