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        RUBEN & EVA - Danilo Cascella Premium Store

        RUBEN & EVA

        United in life, and in art, Ruben Verheggen and Eva Post are two Dutch artists, famous for their colorful and extremely realistic sculptures. They sign themselves Ruben & Eva and let themselves be inspired by everyday life. Episodes, planned and unplanned, but also small obsessions and foibles of our world. Their works, steeped in irony and sarcasm, intelligent and well thought out, always manage to bring a smile. The two, in fact, believe that the purpose of art is precisely to convey good humor. In their home-studio in Utrecht, which we like to imagine overlooking one of the magnificent canals dotted with boats, the tasks are equally divided. Ruben is the creative director who, with a strong background as a designer, creates the concept. Eva, a skilled artisan, makes them by hand working the clay. Each work Ruben & Eva is a unique piece: two similar ones may exist but never exactly the same. They became famous thanks to television, first as guests in a talk-show and then as regular guests in an art and craft program, in Holland they are a national phenomenon. Their works have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Raphael, Anitbes and Reims, Greece and Switzerland. In the Donuts series, the most famous one, adored even by VIPs and celebrities, Ruben & Eva recreate delicious donuts that, at the sight, would deceive the most experienced pastry chef. Their icing, declined in delicious pastel colors, is always decorated with the logos of the most luxurious brands: Rolex, Chanel, Louis Vuitton just to name a few. A hymn (and a witty criticism) to the vices of a society in search of luxury and glamor to be exhibited on social networks and swallowed, in fact, as delicious donuts that, fortunately, at least do not raise cholesterol.