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Following many years of experience in the world of fashion and design, today Danilo Cascella selectes the best pride products of made in Italy and international. Guarantees 100% originality of all items offered in his store.

Danilo Cascella has always stood out for being an avant-garde entrepreneur with an infallible instinct and now offers its own activity on the Web in order to reach a wider and more diversified audience. Driven by passion and family experience, Danilo Cascella has carried forward a project of life and passion started in the 50s by parents, creators of the famous CASCELLA stores.
Danilo Cascella is a great connoisseur of everything that makes stylish and trend, with an original and creative flair, knowingly choosing and combining clothes, objects and accessories proposing a decidedly eclectic style, projected to offer new stimuli in fashion, design and technology with the desire for emotion, sensual, engaging and dynamic.He has always proved to be a forerunner of times and fashions: the particular is his greatest attraction, his novelty is his only goal.
After the successes of Porto Cervo, London, New York, Rome, Miami, Milan and Montecarlo in fashion and design with the creation of the D-Table, the first interactive multitouch design table proposed in various models born from his hand and his creative mind, he continues its constant search for the particular that distinguishes it with a new challenge. Here, innovation and originality, a must in the style of Danilo Cascella, find expression in objects and communicating the plus of being unique finds its place also in the world of digital commerce. 

Danilo Cascella in his Premium Store DCPS offers a wide choice of products and designers  following his passion, the constant search for particular Design objects, characterized by unique details and styles that, thanks to the Made in Italy factor, become world excellence. In addition to the project that he personally follows directly, D-Table Interactive Multitouch Design Luxury Tables Collection, Danilo Cascella offers a wide selection of brands.

The special range of items in Carbon Fiber by TecknoMonster, a company specializing in the aerospace world, IXoost the only loudspeakers with a strong identity in the Formula 1 world, true Made in Italy excellence, the extraordinary selections of Ghidini 1961, contemporary design projects Qeeboo that unite internationally renowned designers and architects, the unique and wonderful Bosa ceramics, expression of the pure Venetian tradition, the highly sought-after Murano glass elements by Purho, the special creations in Carrara marble Le vie del Marmo, photos by Antonio Guccione famous Milanese fashion photographer, the legendary and always fashionable Polaroid

The various furnishings by Baleri Italia, a timeless expression of great masters of style, the living room par excellence by de Sede which has in its collection the largest sofa in the world, the fabulous books in gold leaf from the Roman D'Oro publishing house, the purity of the emotional Blueside Design borosilicate glass objects.

Perfect creativity in lighting design with lamps by Prandina, innovative carpets by Illulian, specialized in custom made, the design exercise bike by Ciclotte, extra luxury furniture by Scarlett Splendour. Thanks to the partnership with various galleries, the Premium Store has also entered the world of art by offering works by contemporary artists with a section dedicated to the Italian artist Fabio Pietrantonio. The Italian tradition of Walking Sticks, leader in designer footwear embellished with a prestigious selection of umbrellas and Walking Sticks. For travel lovers, the iconic and original Italian luggage brand Crash Baggage

The exclusive luxury games of Teckell, billiards and Calcio Balilla in glass, the cute and fun design games of Fas Pendezza. The proposals are completed by the IlFari collection, eccentric chandeliers for contemporary luxury environments.

Due to the particularity of the selections, some products may not be available for immediate delivery and will be made with care exclusively for you as soon as you have ordered and will therefore be delivered within a period necessary for production.