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        CICLOTTE - Danilo Cascella Premium Store


        The Italian design line of excellence with real fitness equipment, a pure expression of contemporary life

        Ciclotte Bike is the result of an aesthetic research inspired by ergonomics and essentiality and realized by using high-tech materials like Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber and Steel.

        The iconic circular shape and the use of carbon express the bike’s strong sporting vocation, which is revealed during every training session. The frame is designed to adapt to the 5 spinning positions. The innovative turn multiplier transmission and the rotation of the outer wheel make the exercise unique, faithfully replicating the sensation of cycling on the road.

        The resistance is obtained with a sophisticated electromagnetic system remotely controlled via Bluetooth. Ciclotte Bike, the design exercise bike/exclusive fitness equipment/perfect decoration object for the interior of houses, from luxury living rooms to unique bedrooms and bathrooms, hotel suites and yachts.

        Ciclotte Bike - Carbon and Glass Fiber

        Ciclotte Bike is an innovative exercise bike, designed and made in Italy, that combines idea, form and technology rethinking the traditional aesthetic and functional values of an exercise bike. Ciclotte Bike has been manufactured using exceptional materials like carbon, steel and glass fiber and represents a complete innovation in the fitness industry.

        Designed by Luca Schieppati, Ciclotte Bike breaks the rules of gym equipment’s design that have always emphasized only functional aspects, to address a target market of progressive, dynamic users that appreciate both physical and aesthetic lines. Ciclotte’s world was created from the need to introduce design into everyday living, a real expression of contemporary living where work and relaxation, exercise and entertainment share a single dimension, within fluid spaces where all objects can interact with each other.

        Thanks to its essential lines, inspired by ergonomics, Ciclotte Bike is a fitness tool and a furniture complement that can be integrated into the most varied living contexts: home, office, gym and outdoors. The large wheel of Ciclotte Bike is the heart of the project. A large circle reminiscent of monocycles from the end of the 1800’s, which has been transformed into an object of superior engineering, destined to become a must in the world of interior design and luxury fitness.
        Other distinctive features include the distinctive carbon handlebars and the support arms with their unique curvature.

        Ciclotte Bike Steel

        Steel becomes a new way of thinking about fitness,and expressing the emotions in color with a more attractive price. Together with the use of steel for the frame, carbon fibre remains for the handlebars and the rim. Red, white and grey are the standard available versions, completed by a wide palette of shades customizable o demand.

        Ciclotte Bike – Accessories

        The exclusive iPad and iPhone holder, will increase the level of entertainment during the ride, living the user the possibility to watch movies, or listen to music.
        This innovative accessory can be integrated with a package of electric devices: a receiver connected with the mobile device and a cadence sensor attached to the transmission of Ciclotte Bike will let the user have information on the workouts, such as current speed, average speed and distance covered.

        Moreover, the lateral ends of the accessory will provide comfortable horizontal handlebars, in alternative or addition to the vertical ones in carbon fiber of Ciclotte Bike.

        From a technical viewpoint, Ciclotte Bike has been designed to faithfully reproduce the dynamics and performance of on-road cycling, and it is also ideal for high intensity aerobic training like spinning. Ciclotte Bike is the evolution of the project Ciclò, an innovative prototype of a single wheel city bike, now part of Triennale Design Museum permanent collection in Milan after having participated in various international exhibitions.

        Ciclotte Pirelli LE Red Ciclotte Pirelli LE Red
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