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Ramon Monegal comes from a long and distinguished lineage of Spanish and Barcelona master perfumers. He represents the fourth generation of the House of Myrurgia, the most important Spanish perfume house on an international level which also served the royal family.
His training began in 1972 in Barcelona and after 30 years of profession Ramon Monegal's challenge has become twofold. First of all, he has constantly sought excellence, which is typical only of a luxury product. Secondly, he started sharing his knowledge and his craft with the fifth generation of his family.
Since 2009 he has created the project he had always dreamed of: "The Author Image Fragrance."
His is a real "author's project", which combines craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, and which is based on the values ​​of classic perfumery: originality and exclusivity that lead to the personalization and creation of unique pieces, with a well-defined message and aesthetics.
He created and signed his fragrances in total freedom, olfactory tales that convey a message, without distinction of gender, imagined and interpreted only through the craft learned, the technique born from experience and the language of the ingredients.
He is personally involved in the whole process of developing his perfumes: from the purchase of essential oils, to the mixing of his formula, passing through maceration, filtering, up to bottling.

Olfactory Image

Ramon Monegal defines the scented aura released by a person as an "olfactory image", which surrounds it and accompanies it everywhere. Everyone knows their own visual image, but not everyone is aware that this is complemented by the olfactory image generated by the perfume.
Ramon Monegal worked with the most luxurious materials, and designed an inkwell, "The Encrier": an iconic container of perfumes, an object of desire, a unique bottle capable of containing all the soul and essence of the works of he.

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