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Erik Salin & Gèraldine Morin are two French artists, husband and wife in life, famous for their colorful and exquisitely finished sculptures that reproduce, in unusual shapes and supports, the logos of the most luxurious brands.

Petrol cans by Louis Vuitton, Chanel capsules and more shopping bags, strictly Hermès orange, which in subversion of common logic, transform everyday objects, not even particularly interesting, into art. Who cares about an old petrol can? Or an anonymous headache capsule? However, just add the right logos and the object in question is transformed into a wonderful masterpiece.Erik Salin & Gèraldine Morine recover the lesson of the great masters of poor art, bring into art simple materials, work objects ( precisely the tanks) and unites it, in an explosive mix, with the teachings of pop art, transforming them into icons thanks to the addition of the logo. Technically they make use of all the most important forms of expression of classical art; painting, drawing, acrylic, watercolors and trompe l'oeil. They mix them, overlap them and combine them with the long experience as a professional painter. Before devoting himself completely to art, in fact, Erik Salin was one of the most renowned and esteemed French painters, just think that Harley Davidson just wanted him. Gèraldine, who has always been an artist instead, is the one who sensed the artistic potential of her husband's talent. And so, initially, she created and he executed. Then, little by little, Erik too began to imagine and create works that were his only. Today, everyone signs their own works, even if they all share an unmistakable style, the ability to dose and modulate color. In their sculptures, the perfection of the colors, the application of the enamel and the finishing touches is truly of a high standard.

The works of Erik and Gèraldine, innovative, modern and contemporary, satisfy the eye and manage to make us reflect without being pedantic, creating a profound link between the history of art and our society. Exhibited in the most prestigious galleries in the world, this creative couple is a regular presence at the most important international fairs.

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