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        "Deep passion for design, sporting vocation and uncompromising quality" are the founding and shared values that have led to the fusion of "Ride on Design" and "Power is nothing without control" in the new exclusive edition of our design exercise bike in fiber of carbon.

        Equipped as usual with 4.0 features that allow connection to any Bluetooth device, for a totally immersive training experience, from simulations of road routes and training programs, up to participation in spinning lessons and multi-user challenges, the Pirelli Ciclotte presents for the first time rubber grips with the "all over" Pirelli logo to maximize grip during the most intense workouts and, above all, the presence of the famous Formula 1 tire graphics on the carbon fiber frame, declined in the 5 colors used during the Grand Prix: from the white "hard" and the "medium" yellow, up to the "soft" rosss for pole positions and the "rain" green and blue for wet races.

        A great new innovation for the fitness sector, accompanied by the unmistakable ergonomic study that led to the creation of the transmission with rev multiplier and electromagnetic resistance system, the frame capable of lateral flexion to accompany the push on the pedals, and the reduced distance between the pedals like on a racing bike.