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        Iride is a collection of ashtrays comprised of three different circular models with engravings drawn from the collection of pots, plus one — Iride Cut — with two flat sides and vertical ribbed decoration as if created by a cutting blade. Realized by alternating bands of glass, coloured and crystal, which form circular patterns that are very clear when viewed from above, ride ashtrays almost resemble an eye formed by the central pupil and coloured iris, from which the collection derives its name.

        The circular models, similar in shape, are distinguished by the different finish of the external surface: Iride Stripe characterised by horizontal and vertical stripes, Iride Plissé by horizontal pleating and Iride Sand by coarse sandblasting.

        Federico Peri

        Federico Peri was born in 1983 in the province of Treviso, Italy.
        After receiving his degree in Interior Design at IED Milan, he moved to Paris; This period, filled with international influences, gave rise to his professional growth, impassioned by the great masters of design defining his main interest as the fusion of historical and contemporary.
        On returning to Milan, in 2011 he started his own Interior Design studio, designing commercial and private spaces, while also collaborating with companies as a creative consultant.
        His lighting collection “Shapes”, has been nominated in 2016 for the German Design Awards.
        Among the candidates as “best emerging designer” at the Milan Furniture Fair 2017 and nominated for the “rising talent awards” at Maison&Object 2018 edition.


        Purho in line with the tradition of true master glassmakers and with the purest design, an explosion of color and style made of Murano glass made in Italy. Founded in 2012 by Andrea Dotto, Ceo of the brand Purho, with the desire to give substance to the infinite potential of the liaison between Murano glass and contemporary design, Purho today presents itself on the market with a solid research in which the observation of taste flows and new creative languages have been translated through the filter of Murano glass tradition. The result, similar to an exercise in synthesis in which there are few exceptions justify to the decoration, is a collection of products with clean lines, sometimes fluid, sometimes markedly geometric in which the color, treated in purity, becomes central: 21 are in fact the special shades that compose a dense, vitaminic color chart, available for bespoke customizations and productions.