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        Exclusively produced in Italy, combining Aerospace Technologies with the precious knowledge and skills of our Master Artisans.
        The Tecknomonster works the Carbon Fiber Glacies in autoclaves, following the most futuristic processes
        aeronautical and aerospace industry. The Glacies Carbon Fiber is a material of excellence, of the last generation and with high mechanical properties, which requires millimeter precision in the processing phases: from design to final assembly.

        The Glacies Carbon Fiber comes in two different designs:
        Radika, inspired by the natural veins of Obliquus briar, is a sophisticated geometric pattern with oblique parallel lines.
        Radika and Obliquus can be customized with a matte and glossy finish.


        Giacomo Valentini

        The genius and authentic soul of Giacomo Valentini who, among his many and daring intuitions, counts, in 2007, the foundation of TecknoMonster. A creative who knows how to be influenced, who deepens and wants to get there, beyond the horizon, between engineering and imagination.This is how the projects of the volcanic Giacomo Valentini were born. An esthete that makes the beauty of its objects the language by which to reach people, who then discover, in their hands, an object of high Italian engineering, in which functionality is always in the first place. This is how Giacomo Valentini loves to amaze the public, who knows him and knows that he does not expect something new from him. Evolution is expected. A person with the future in his pocket, able to learn from the past, living the present as a research phase.