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        The idea of ​​the rabbit comes from the association of its silhouette with that of a seat, where the rabbit's ears become the back of the chair. be used as a chair for a rectangular or round table, but also alone can fill and decorate a corner of a room or at the entrance where we can put the bag on our return home the idea of ​​the rabbit comes from the association of its silhouette with that of a seat, where the rabbit's ears become the back of the chair.

        Together with the smaller version, it can become a piece of furniture for the children's bedroom, which will surely love the friendly shape of this design object. Children will find this chair beautiful and fun, being able to climb astride, either leaning on the back characterized by the straight ears of the rabbit or sitting on the opposite side. This rabbit-shaped chair, with a fun look and bright color, can also be used to play down an area furnished in antique style. The Rabbit Chair Gold is a design object, not bulky, and easy to insert in a domestic environment. It can also be a beautiful gift for a special occasion to commemorate. We recommend keeping this chair indoors.


        Stefano Giovannoni was born in La Spezia in 1954, architect and student designer of Buti at the University of Florence. In the early 1980s, he formed the King-Kong production group together with Guido Venturini. Behind a physicist of the role that seems the opposite of that of a designer pianist hides a talent capable of transferring into his projects the complex system of “affective codes” that made him the “Super & Popular” champion of the years 90. Metanoic designer par excellence, he has industrial design in his blood and the ability to understand the public like few others.

        Stefano Giovannoni is a designer who, more than any other, has worked in the world of home and kitchen accessories.

        He has collaborated with companies such as Alessi, Amore Pacific, Cedderoth, Deborah, Fiat, Hannstar, Hansemm, Helit, Henkel, Honeywell, Kokuyo, Inda, Laufen, Lavazza, LG Hausys, Magis, Mikakuto, Ntt Docomo, Oras, Oregon Scientific, Pepsico, Pulsar, Samsung, Seiko, Siemens, Sodastream, 3M, Telecom, Toto, Veneta Cucine, and many others.

        He designed products of great commercial success that broke all sales records in the design world such as the Girotondo families (over 10 million pieces sold) and Mami, the famous plastic products of the “FFF” series for Alessi, the Alessi bathroom -one, the Bombo family for Magis.


        Qeeboo is an Italian brand that produces furnishings and accessories, created and launched in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni. His objects are emotional and narrative openly non-bourgeois and within everyone's reach; once created, they are entrusted to our interpretation so that they acquire a new life. Qeeboo takes up and reinterprets the icons of our imagination in a fantastic key and dresses them with an unexpected original patina made of emotion and imagination, presenting a collection of beautiful, ironic, and surprising objects. Extraordinary objects created under the careful direction of Stefano Giovannoni in collaboration with the most eclectic international designers, integrating different styles and characters in a playful-narrative approach.