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        Sayl operative office chair by Herman Miller, a fascinating design and maximum performance for the first armchair with a frameless backrest, made up exclusively of elastic threads: a completely transpiring support, which guarantees support where needed and freedom of movement to the parts of the body that tend to move.

        Wide choice of colors and models.
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        Price refers to the standard model.

        “Sayl”, because this operative office chair resembles a mainsail, but a Y appears in the name, which indicates the Y-Tower® structure, that column that holds the elastic threads with variable thickness and tension that support the back of the user: a system that delivers more delivery along the spine and less to the areas that need the most movement when sitting.

         The ergonomic functions of this task chair by Herman Miller find expression in its fascinating dematerialized articulation, designed by Yves Béhar and inspired by suspension bridges.

        Sayl is available in different variants, for multiple uses, and all boast a vast collection of colours.

        Sayl misure